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Your child is surrounded by professional care. We employ coaches with decades of experience, former national team players, and certified tutors. Learn more… 


Matchpoint Bensonhurst is a modern facility where you and your child enjoy cleanliness and safety. A bubble covers the soccer field during the fall/winter season. Learn more… 


We will pick the right training plan and schedule, depending on your budget and your boy or girl’s, age and skill level. Beginners are welcome!
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Beautiful park at the southwestern edge of Brooklyn near the ocean. Convenient location, large parking lots, plenty of stores and cafe nearby. 
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Midwinter Break Day Program Midwinter school break is coming soon, so we suggest you consider enrolling your child in our Day Program from February 20 to 25. Those who sign up for 3 daytime school vacation programs will receive a 10% discount on the Summer Program. Each day of the

THE NEW LOOK OF THE WEBSITE Dear guests, as you may have noticed, our website now has a new look. We have tried to make it more informative, keeping all of the most important details to help you discover what extra special things you and your child can expect at

Last spots in the promo program Our special offer of 3:30 p.m. classes on weekdays at a discounted price ($100 off the regular package) is in great demand. There are only a few slots left, so if that time works for you, could you hurry up and sign your child



About 1,000 Brooklyn kids ages 4 and up involved

• Beginners and advanced
• Professional level perspectives
• Private lessons and Day Program
• From $15 per session


Special approach and lower prices with the same high quality

• Ages 4 and up
• Co-ed and Girls-only
• Beginners & Semi-Advanced
• From $175 per month


Mommy & Me Program on weekend mornings

• Parents on the field with their kids
• Basic ball exercises
• Lots of fun
• From $175 per month


We’re happy to hear that and we’ll try our best to make sure you and your child enjoy soccer at our Academy. First of all, please sign up for an evaluation lesson – use the form or call us. If you don’t like the lesson, you pay nothing. Please make sure your child has a comfortable soccer uniform and light sneakers or turf shoes (no cleats with large spikes). This is not a try-out, there are no requirements for skill level, we have programs for any child. After an evaluation session, coach will help to determine which plan is best for you.

We have a variety of packages from $175 to $345 per month, depending on your child’s level, schedule, and the payment plan you choose. The best way to determine the appropriate plan for you is after an evaluation lesson. Various payment options include discounts, more convenient times, flexible make-up, two sets of branded uniforms, and more. What you always get, regardless of the plan you choose, is soccer for your kid under the guidance of a professional coach on one of the best fields in Brooklyn with a high-quality turf surface in a comfortable and safe sports complex.

In the Recreational Program, practices focus primarily on basic ball control skills, coordination, running drills, and interacting with other children and the coach. Depending on the age and level of the group, the exercises vary, with each child given personalized attention and a load and intensity they are able to handle. At the end of the class, the kids play soccer. In a group usually not more than 5-8 children are engaged with one coach. Classes last for one hour.

The Academy Teams are made up of advanced-level players who have proven themselves in ball handling, fitness, discipline, and teamwork. Coaches with much experience in running teams work with kids. High-intensity lessons, including two-sided games, are held 2 times a week for 1-1.5 hours. On the weekends the kids play in the regular kid’s soccer championships held in Brooklyn. Also, every year we send particularly promising players to our partner FA Euro, which, among other things, prepares children for professional careers.

During school breaks (winter, midwinter, spring, and summer) we have an active Day Program at Matchpoint Bensonhurst facility. We practice and play a lot of soccer, have tactical lessons, play board games, ping pong, fussball, and have a lot of fun. For details, please call one of our numbers. Early bird discounts are available. 

We rent out the soccer field to amateur teams and other sport communities in Gravesend, Bensonhurst and Brooklyn. Our convenient location in Caesar’s Bay makes it easy to drive to us and park in the evening. Please contact us for available slots and session fees. 

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Dear parents, please choose a suitable time for an evaluation lesson. (You pay nothing for the lesson if you don’t like it)

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