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As usual, as the warm season comes, we take off the Bubble and start practicing outdoors, enjoying our famous bridge view and the refreshing air from the ocean. Approximately, our soccer field and Matchpoint tennis courts will be back under the roof in early October.

As a reminder, the Bridgeview Summer Program, which runs from June 26 to September 1, will take place both on the field and in the Matchpoint facility, where we are preparing plenty of activities for kids.

Also, dear parents, please keep in mind that in the event of heavy rain, we will not cancel either the Summer Program days or the regular classes, but we will practice in the Matchpoint building using a professional soccer equipment.


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Other news

The Bubble is Set

As usual after the end of the warm season our soccer field and tennis courts at Matchpoint are covered by a huge tent, now we are not afraid of rain and snow.

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Russell Timoshenko Memorial

Bridgeview Soccer Academy and Sports Veterans Association held another Detective Russell Timoshenko Memorial on Sunday, June 4, 2023. The traditional event commemorates a Brooklyn police officer who heroically died in the line of duty.

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