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When your child joins the Bridgeview soccer family, he or she will learn respect, work ethic, friendship, and teamwork – skills that can be applied off the field as well. Your child will grow not only as a player, but also as a person!

Boy's Program (Ages 4 and up)

Recreational Program

Designed for beginners, young children, and children who want to be part of a fun and healthy activity environment. Practices focus primarily on basic ball control skills, coordination, running drills, and interacting with other children and the coach. Depending on the age and level of the group, the exercises vary, with each child given personalized attention and a load and intensity they are able to handle. At the end of the class the kids play soccer. In a group usually not more than 5-8 children are engaged with one coach. Classes last for one hour.

Academy Team

Our aim is to move children from a recreational program to Academy Teams which are made up of advanced level players who have proven themselves in ball handling, fitness, discipline and teamwork. Coaches with much experience in running teams work with kids. High-intensity lessons, including two-sided games, are held 2 times a week for 1-1.5 hours. Players participate in fall and spring leagues (EDP, CJSL, etc.), local and international tournaments. On weekends kids play in regular soccer championships held in Brooklyn. Every year we send particularly promising players to our partner FA Euro, which prepares children for a professional career.  Our students have tryouts with teams like Red Bull and NYCFC.

Private Sessions & Athletic Test Preparation

Our licensed and experienced coaches will help your kids to become stronger, faster, smarter on the field by means of private sessions. Also our Academy is the only soccer school which provides Middle school athletic test preparation. You will get a chance to be prepared for an athletic test with experienced coaches.

Girl's Program (ages 4 and up)

The features described above generally apply to girl’s practices at Bridgeview Socceer Academy as well. That said, we have mostly girl’s participating in recreational and semi-advanced groups. We try to form Academy teams as well, but due to the fact that girls choose to play soccer less often than boys, not all age groups have separate girl’s teams with us. At the same time, we always take into account each girl’s capabilities and opportunities and give them special attention.

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