Bridgeview Soccer Academy

Travel Team 

Bridgeview Soccer Academy have a aim to bring kids from recreational to travel team. Travel team players participate in fall/spring leagues (EDP, CJSL and etc.), different tournaments (local and international) and tryout with teams like Red Bull and NYCFC.


Recreational program is designed for beginners, very young ages and kids who want to be part of funny and healthful activity environment.

Break programs

While school breaks we offer full and half-day break programs. In these programs we try to improve different type of skills. Participants of our break programs get exceptional knowledge.

Skills developement

We have Skills U program which provide your kids different skills. Every Friday (check schedule) with special program your “stars” get a chance improve their weak sides.


While holidays or some weekends Bridgeview Soccer Academy offer to fill out your day with soccer. Tactical, physical and technical knowledge never is enough.

Private sessions

Our licensed and experienced coaches will help your kids to become stronger, faster, smarter in the field. We provide you with private sessions.

Middle school athletic test preparation

Bridgeview Soccer Academy are only soccer school which provide Middle school athletic test preparation. You will get a chance be prepared for athletic test with experienced coaches. Basketball, Tennis ball and Soccer lessons will help your kids get their goal with Middle School.

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Office: +1 (929) 207-9220

Director, Oleg Sarumov: +1 (718) 419-9765

Head Coach, Elshan Gambarov: +1 (347) 576-0586


Dear parents, please choose a suitable time for an evaluation lesson. (You pay nothing for the lesson if you don’t like it)

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