We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Nikolozi Kevlishvili (Niko) to the position of Coordinator of Coaches at Bridgeview Soccer Academy.
Niko has worked at with us several years. He has years of coaching experience and qualifications that make him most suitable for the position. He holds UEFA  “C”, UEFA “B” licenses as well as a USSF Goalkeeper license. He is a head coach of U14 team and he used to work for New York Red Bull’s 4 years as a senior coach in camps. He suppose create plan for each session and for entire season with team coaches. He is focus will be development of each player in all aspects (technical, skills, physical, tactical and etc.)
Additionally, he suppose to attend training sessions for recreational and travel teams. Also our new coordinator of coaches will visit games and analize (depends on schedule)
Bridgeview Soccer Academy wish him much success in all future duties and tasks! Good luck!
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