Bridgeview Soccer Academy

Winter Day Program on School Holydays

Dear Parents, as always, we have prepared a special experience for the Winter Day Program at Bridgeview Soccer Academy. We are going to play a lot of soccer, have tactical lessons, play board games, ping pong, fussball, meet special guests, and have lots of fun.

💪Bridgeview Day Programs are the best way to boost your child’s soccer skills as they take a course closer to a professional workout, something that cannot be achieved in a few hours a week in the Regular Program. Our Academy Teams and Travel Teams are made up primarily of kids in the Day Program who know each other and the requirements of a coach of their age group Team.

☺️ We look forward to seeing you on the our soccer field this winter!

🗓️ From 12/26 through 12/31, 8am-4pm (or half day)
📍 9000 Bay Parkway, partly outdoors and partly indoors
🥪 Lunch is $10 per day
✏️ Join at any time, choose any number of days
☎️ Learn more and reserve your spot – (929) 207-9220, (718) 666-1141,

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